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QR codes 
(quick read 2 dimensional bar codes)

Remember: Every one of our reports has a QR code on it for quick sharing with Realtors or Contractors See how it works here
See how we use this technology in our reports.

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More information on QR codes
Shorten links to simplify codes
QR Realtor website 
Wikipedia information

Most modern phones have  QR codes decoders pre-installed, if you need one, get a QR reader for your phone here.  

Some of my samples, and another tip:
Scan this to schedule an inspection from your phone
all electronic registrations get a $30 discount!

Scan this to send a email referral to clients
you can edit this email before you send

Our Home Inspections Facebook Page 
tons of homeowner tips and links

I have lots other QR codes also stored on my phone, my contact info, great contractors, even a referral list for other home inspectors. 

If you are a Realtor, you might have a QR code for your website, listings you have or the code for a great home inspector!  (I can send it to you too!)

Another tip, the more complicated the link, the more complex the QR-code is.  Look at these 2 samples

They both work, but you have to be closer to the one on the left.

I converted

This turned my FB url from 107 charters to only 21  There are a variety of websites that can shorten your long links, making simpler barcodes (or making long links easier to fit on Twitter).  You automatically will be redirected to the longer URL. It's that easy!

Here are a 2 examples of link shortening services:

And a site dedicated to Realtors that want to incorporate these codes is here:

If you want to see an example of these codes in action see this video:

If you have any questions about these, give me a call and I am happy to share tips with you too.

Watch this video to learn more about using QR codes.

Some Background From Wikipedia

QR codes are used in  both commercial tracking applications and convenience-oriented applications aimed at mobile phone users. QR codes can be used to display text to the user, to add a vCard contact to the user's device, to open a URI or to compose an email or text message. Users can also generate and print their own QR codes for others to scan and use by visiting one of several free QR code generating sites

QR codes storing addresses and URLs may appear in magazines, on signs, buses, business cards, or on just about any object about which users might need information. Users with a camera phone equipped with the correct reader application can scan the image of the QR Code to display text, contact information, connect to a wireless network, or open a web page in the phone's browser. 

Google's mobile Android operating system supports the use of QR codes by natively including the barcode scanner (ZXing) on some models, and the browser supports URI redirection, which allows QR Codes to send metadata to existing applications on the device. Nokia's Symbian operating system is also provided with a barcode scanner, which is able to read QR codes, while mbarcode  is a QR code reader for the Maemo operating system. In the Apple iOS, a QR code reader is not natively included, but over 50 free Apps are available with reader and metadata browser URI redirection capability.


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