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We see the fire doors on garages with auto closure hinges that are not wound up all the time. 
Here are the instructions on setting the tension on 2 very popular types of these hinges.  

Use caution, there is a lot of force behind these springs!


Spring Hinge Adjustment

Hager Spring Hinge

1. Door should be in closed position.

2. Do not adjust tension past 3 holes when a 180-degree opening is required.

3. Always rotate the Hex Wrench in a clockwise direction, regardless of right or left-hand


4. Use proper safety protection while installing the Hager Spring Hinge.


Penrod Spring Hinge

1. Place the door in the closed position.

2. Insert tension lever in right hand hole in adjustment slot (see figure 1).

3. Rotate tension lever to the left and insert tension pin loosely in hole to the right of

tension lever (see figure 2).

4. Release the tension lever until tension pin contacts the right hand side of adjustment slot.

5. Remove the tension lever, and try the door for closing force.

6. If desired closing force is not achieved, repeat steps A to E until closing force is satisfactory.

7. When hinges have been adjusted to close door properly, drive the tension pin flush with the hinge tube.